Rural Philippines pays price for ignoring COVID warnings | Coronavirus pandemic News 0 (0)

Mindanao, Philippines – They gathered shoulder to shoulder, many without masks, yelling in unison to welcome 2020’s Christmas season. But

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Scientists say India government ignored warnings amid coronavirus surge 0 (0)

KABUL: They were in the middle of breaking their fast during Ramadan, rejoicing after passing their university entrance exams, when a

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Why warnings of a fatal third wave in Canada have gone unheeded 0 (0)

It was a Friday in February, and the COVID-19 situation in Canada appears to be improving. The second wave reached

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Bryce Harper takes 97 mph fastball to face, Phillies manager Joe Girardi ‘ejects’ ump after warnings issued 0 (0)

Getty Images Scary moment in Wednesday night’s game between the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium (GameTracker).

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