I am 59 years old. My wife is 33 years old. We have two year old twins. I pay my mother-in-law’s rent. It’s time for me to cut the rope 0 (0)

Dear Quentin, My wife and I have been together for 11 years. We have 2-year-old twins and I have a

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Giancarlo Stanton homers twice, ties career-high with five RBI as Yankees top Twins 0 (0)

USATSI New York Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton had arguably his finest offensive performance of the year on Wednesday night,

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Why didn’t the Ashton Kutcher twins ever want to be the face of cerebral palsy? 0 (0)

Ashton Kutcher Image Credit: AP Michael Kutcher was upset with his famous twin brother Ashton for revealing his diagnosis of

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Two ejections after Twins reliever throws behind White Sox’s Yermin Mercedes; La Russa says he’s fine with it 0 (0)

One night after Chicago White Sox DH Yermin Mercedes homered on a 3-0 pitch from a position player with his

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Twins accepted to 15 colleges, amass Rs235mn in scholarships 0 (0)

NORTH CAROLINA: A pair of 17-year-old twins received acceptance letters from 15 schools and collectively amassed over Rs 235 million

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Twins’ Alex Colomé has another disastrous outing as Minnesota’s brutal April continues 0 (0)

USATSI When the Minnesota Twins signed veteran reliever Alex Colomé over the winter, they planned on him serving as their

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