Will Smith leaves Georgia due to voting restrictions 0 (0)

Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua have halted production of the wild slave drama Release From Georgia regarding a recently

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Iran imposes 10-day restrictions amid sharp rise in COVID cases 0 (0)

Tehran, Iran – Authorities in Iran have been forced to impose fresh nationwide restrictions after lack of control over travels

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PIA operated 13 flights to facilitate UK travelers ahead of restrictions 0 (0)

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Friday announced that it had facilitated the travel of 3600 people to the United

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Air travel demand declines a step back as coronavirus restrictions tighten 0 (0)

Dubai: Demand for air travel suffered another drop in February as travel restrictions tightened in response to novel coronavirus variants.

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Kuwait: Discussing restrictions on hiring foreign workers in public jobs 0 (0)

Cairo: The Kuwaiti government-owned Kuwait Petroleum Company has expressed its views on a draft law related to replacing foreign workers

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