Researchers develop tool to drastically speed up the study of enzymes 0 (0)

For much of human history, animals and plants were perceived to follow a different set of rules than rest of

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Researchers have found that the two-dose COVID-19 vaccine response works against the delta variant 0 (0)

New research from France adds to the evidence that widely used COVID-19 vaccines still provide strong protection against the coronavirus

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enhancing dialogue and exchanging expertise between Syrian researchers and Russian experts – Syrian Arab News Agency 0 (0)

Damascus, SANA– Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Bashar al–Jaafari received on Tuesday director of the Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies of Institute

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Manchester researchers team up with Callaly to discover recyclable materials for menstrual products 0 (0)

Researchers from the Henry Royce Institute at The University of Manchester’s Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub (SMI Hub) in collaboration with Callaly are working together

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Researchers uncover unique properties of a promising new superconductor 0 (0)

An international team of physicists led by the University of Minnesota has discovered that a unique superconducting metal is more

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Researchers suggest that ‘sporadic’ COVID-19 cases may have occurred in late 2019 in the United States 0 (0)

A new analysis of blood samples from 24,000 Americans taken early last year is the latest and largest study to

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Working from home post-pandemic could offer mixed results for women, researchers say 0 (0)

When it was time for Victoria resident Zahida Machan to return to work after her parental leave ended two years

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Researchers claim the mystery of rare blood clots linked to COVID-19 vaccines has been resolved but experts urge caution. 0 (0)

A German research team has floated a potential solution to prevent rare and dangerous blood clots caused by two groundbreaking

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New system cleans messy data tables automatically 0 (0)

With just 50 lines of code, the program spots and fixes likely errors. MIT researchers have created a new system

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Tesla to stop accepting bitcoin as payment 0 (0)

Electric car maker Tesla will stop accepting bitcoin as a payment, CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Wednesday, citing environmental concerns.

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