Researchers uncover unique properties of a promising new superconductor 0 (0)

An international team of physicists led by the University of Minnesota has discovered that a unique superconducting metal is more

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What are G7 countries promising on COVID vaccines? | Coronavirus pandemic News 0 (0)

Pledges of hundreds of millions of vaccine doses to poor countries are seen as an effort to counter China’s widening

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The COVID vaccine produced by the Canadian company Medicago is showing promising results in the second phase of a clinical trial 0 (0)

Canada’s first domestic COVID-19 vaccine is showing promising antibody results in hundreds of participants in a phase two trial and

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Podcast series ’40 Thieves’ is launching as a promising Ramadan drama and thriller 0 (0)

40 Thieves Podcast. Image Credit: Courtesy of Finyal Media The classic tale “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” gets a

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