The World Health Organization warns that Covid-19 infections are nearing their highest rates ever 0 (0)

“Around the world, cases and deaths continue to increase at alarming rates.” He said Who is the Director-General Tedros Adhanom

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Equality in vaccines is the “challenge of our time”, as declared by the head of the World Health Organization, while governments call for solidarity and participation 0 (0)

The summit – held hypothetically on the theme, “A Vaccine For All” – brought together senior officials from the United

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The World Health Organization says global COVID-19 cases have nearly doubled in the past two months, making the vaccine campaign more urgent than ever. 0 (0)

The World Health Organization warned Friday that the global number of confirmed cases of the disease transmitted by the Coronavirus

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Saudi scientific organization launches first observatory to monitor and anticipate future development in Kingdom 0 (0)

DUBAI: A living museum. That is hardly a phrase usually heard to describe an ancient site whose history stretches back

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World Health Organization Photography Days in Turkey highlight refugees’ access to health services 0 (0)

Organized to draw attention to the importance of refugees and migrants accessing healthcare services on World Health Day on April

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A “reasonable” association between the AstraZeneca vaccine and rare thromboembolism, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) committee 0 (0)

The opinion of the subcommittee of Who is theThe GACVS Global Vaccine Safety Advisory Committee (GACVS) is following a review

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