Montreal-based comic creators are suing Marvel, and say Iron Man’s design is stunningly familiar 0 (0)

When Montreal-based comic book company founders Ben and Raymond Lai saw the 2018 Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War, They said

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Neural nets used to rethink material design 0 (0)

The microscopic structures and properties of materials are intimately linked, and customizing them is a challenge. Rice University engineers are

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ORNL licenses revolutionary AI system to General Motors for automotive use 0 (0)

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has licensed its award-winning artificial intelligence software system, the Multinode Evolutionary Neural

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The MIT Humanoid Robot: Design, Motion Planning, and Control For Acrobatic Behaviors 0 (0)

In order to enable a humanoid robot to perform acrobatic motions like backflips, spins, or jumps, complex hardware design, planning,

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Following atoms in real time could lead to better materials design 0 (0)

Researchers have used a technique similar to MRI to follow the movement of individual atoms in real time as they

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