Canada’s building codes don’t focus on tornadoes — even though we see 2nd most in the world 0 (0)

Fran Ferguson said she often doesn’t take severe weather warnings very seriously, but something — maybe a feeling or the

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Russian Security Forces Unable to Get QR Codes to Dine Out in Moscow 0 (0)

Employees of Russia’s security services are unable to obtain the official QR codes necessary for dining out in Moscow under

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WhatsApp releases shortcuts and cheat codes 0 (0)

Web Desk On Apr 11, 2021 Last updated Apr 11, 2021 The instant messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out shortcut

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How Prince Philip overcame one of the toughest corporate dress codes 0 (0)

British Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Photo Credit: Agence France-Presse There is a moment in Season 1 of ‘The Crown’

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