SMART breakthrough uses artificial neural networks to enhance travel behavior research 0 (0)

Researchers at the Future Urban Mobility (FM) interdisciplinary research group at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore, have

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Cores of discovery | Technology Org 0 (0)

A revolution is coming to Mizzou. Instead of a rabble, it’s genteel scientists inciting this upheaval, which comes in the

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In graphene process, resistance is useful 0 (0)

A Rice University laboratory has adapted its laser-induced graphene technique to make high-resolution, micron-scale patterns of the conductive material for consumer electronics

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Denmark’s largest battery – one step closer to storing green power in stones 0 (0)

The concept of storing renewable energy in stones has come one step closer to realisation with the construction of the

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WhatsApp to limit functionality for users not accepting new terms 0 (0)

  File photo of WhatsApp logo. WhatsApp Friday backtracked again on its plan to force users to accept new terms

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China’s 18-tonne rocket in free fall towards Earth 0 (0)

PARIS: China´s rogue rocket is in an uncontrolled free-fall towards Earth and no one knows where or exactly when it

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