Toshah Khana case judge ordered Imran Khan to appear at the gate and go back

Toshah Khana case, Fazil Judge ordered Imran Khan to appear at the gate and go back…

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal has directed Imran Khan to appear at the gate and go back.

According to the details, Imran Khan was outside the judicial complex for attendance, during which the heavy police force and the clashes between the workers also continued. Ordered to take attendance of Imran Khan at the gate. The court ordered that the hearing cannot be possible in the circumstances that have become, there is no need for stone pelting, shelling. The court ordered the deputy to take the signature at the gate and direct Imran Khan to go back.

The hearing started in the court and when Imran Khan reached the gate of the judicial complex, shelling started, during which tear gas shells also hit the walls of the court room, which spread smoke inside the court room. And the windows were also closed.

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