Gary Ablett snr reveals ‘significant structural, functional brain damage’ diagnosis

Those conditions grew worse in 2015, he said.

“I began getting headaches and pressure in the top of my skull around 2010, initially a few days a week,” Ablett snr told the Herald Sun.

“It then led to depression, anxiety and extreme fatigue. Under the advice of doctors, I then had numerous scans to try and find the cause of headaches and skull pressure.

“From 2015 onwards, and almost every day, there were signs that things had changed, then about 12 months ago I started getting symptoms that alarmed me to the point where I contacted Peter Jess), whom I’m aware has been a concussion advocate for a number of past players.”

Ablett snr said he had made a claim with the AFL Players’ Association for financial assistance to deal with the brain damage four months ago, and that he he had provided information but he hadn’t heard back from the AFLPA in recent times.

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