The best indoor gardens of 2023: 5 smart grow rigs

Features: Up to 30 plants | Free accompanying app | 6-gallon water tank

This is the vertical garden kit that Nichols chose for his tiny home, and with good reason. The system was designed from the ground up to change indoor smart gardening. Instead of using timers to regulate light and water cycles, the Gardyn Home Kit uses a more powerful, precise system: built-in cameras that keep track of plant growth and create the best maintenance schedule for your garden. 

Review: I tried a massive, indoor smart garden in my tiny home and didn’t regret it

The kit comes with an artificial intelligence-based assistant app that changes the game. Gardyn can grow up to 30 plants simultaneously using integrated LED lighting, sensors, and a six-gallon water reservoir that is fully autonomous for weeks without added water. The free app lets you see more details about your plants, including when a crop is ready to be harvested or your plants’ temperature, humidity, and water levels.

This indoor smart garden also has a vacation mode to preserve your plants when you are away, and you can even remotely check in on them in the app through Gardyn’s embedded vision system. Gardyn lets you grow greens, herbs, fruits, veggies, and flowers, all with minimal effort on your end since the AI tech takes care of your plants for you.

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