Imran Khan’s statement in the court will be a century if 6 more cases are done against me

‘If 6 ​​more cases are done against me, it will be a century, Imran Khan’s statement in the court

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said in the Lahore High Court that 94 cases have been registered against him so far, if 6 more cases are completed, it will be a century. It will be a non-cricket century.

It should be noted that the Lahore High Court approved the security bail of Imran Khan in 8 anti-terrorism cases. Lahore High Court has approved Imran Khan’s protective bail in 8 cases

The court approved Imran Khan’s bail until March 24. The court said that they are granting Imran Khan’s bail till next Friday.

Lahore High Court granted protective bail in 5 cases of Islamabad and 3 cases of Lahore. In 3 cases of Lahore, protective bail for 10 days was granted, while in 5 cases of Islamabad, protective bail was granted for 7 days.

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