All people are equal before the law. There is an opinion that if you want to give a discount to one person, then give the remaining 22 crores also to the statement of IG Islamabad Police.

All persons are equal before the law, opined that if a person is exempted from…

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online) On the request to cancel the non-bailable warrant of Imran Khan in the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad, IG Islamabad Police said that we have never faced such a situation before, except where there was terrorism. Our officers had no weapons, how should I answer the families of the officers whose sons were oppressed in Lahore, in the past it has been a normal thing for the police to bring the court from their homes, if a person gets a discount. So others should also get it, all people are equal before the constitution and law, there is an opinion that if you want to give a discount to one person, then give it to the other 22 crores as well.

According to the private TV channel “Express News”, the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad heard again on the request to cancel the non-bailable warrant of Imran Khan. Appearing in front, lawyer Imran Khan said that the police has nothing to do with this matter, it is a private complaint, the Additional Sessions Judge said that we will ask the police why the warrant has not been executed yet.

IG Islamabad Dr. Akbar Khan court said the first thing is that I came because my SHO is in Lahore, I was not allowed to meet the accused Imran Khan, I leave it to the court to decide for itself.

The court inquired how much property has been damaged.

IG Islamabad said that 10 vehicles were burnt, water cannons were burnt, the IG informed the court about the details of the damages, IG Islamabad said that DIG Operation Islamabad has a fracture on his leg.

Lawyer Election Commission said that since the warrant was issued, now his application has come for the third time, there is nothing illegal in the law of this court order, the third application was filed in my absence, he filed the application today. We want them to be implemented today.

Vakil Election Commission said that Imran Khan has held a rally in Lahore on March 13, unless the accused surrenders, the court cannot hear the petition, the writ of the state must be implemented.

The PTI lawyers intervened and said that the IG is speaking someone’s language. The election commission lawyer said that they are now asking for extraordinary relief. requested to dismiss the application.

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