Imran Khan lashed out at China and apologized to America, the inside story of the alleged secret meeting has come out

Imran Khan lashed out at China, apologized to America, alleged secret meeting…

LAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) An alleged secret meeting between Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and the American delegation on March 1, 2023 has been revealed in which Imran Khan apologized for accusing America of plotting to overthrow the government and China allegedly Pakistan has been declared an enemy.

The website “The Quotient” has claimed in its report that the American delegation consisted of three to four Democratic members, including the Speaker of California, this secret meeting was facilitated by American-born Pakistani Dr. There are also candidates. The news of this alleged meeting has been given by the local news channel of Pakistan, but the minutes of the conversation in it could not be revealed. It was not revealed that this meeting was requested by Imran Khan in which the Pakistani-American facilitator was not present.

In this meeting with the Whites, Imran Khan allegedly apologized for defamation by repeatedly accusing America of plotting to overthrow the government. What surprised me the most were the alleged sentences he said about China, Imran Khan said that “I now realize that the real enemy of Pakistan is China, China is responsible for bringing Pakistan’s economy to the brink of destruction.” Yes, China trapped Pakistan in the CPEC and debt trap”. Imran Khan also promised in the alleged meeting that “if he comes to the government in the next elections, he will teach the Chinese a lesson”.

The report says that the members of the American delegation were stunned after hearing Imran Khan’s statement and told the Pakistani American delegation or the facilitators who were left out of the meeting about it. The alleged statement has been confirmed.

According to the report, the sources told us that if I were to tell the entire story of this meeting letter by letter, it would be like this: “Imran Khan said, please, please, make me the prime minister, I am sorry that I have again lied against your government to get into power, Mir oh didn’t mean it, it was just politics, you know, I’m sure you understand, see white man, you are good people! The Chinese are actually bad people, they have already destroyed Pakistan, they asked us to take loans we can’t afford, and they are now trying to destroy the great America, bring me back to power. I will destroy them in 90 days.”

“Contrary to all my efforts, Asim Munir has become the new army chief, he does not support me like General Bajwa used to do, the media and the people are not with me, the judiciary can only do so much if it does not have the support of the army. All political parties are against me, and they are all crooks, I am your only hope.

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