Our people have started throwing petrol bombs, talk to someone, the alleged audio of Yasmin Rashid and President Arif Alvi has been leaked.

“Our people have started throwing petrol bombs, you should talk to someone”…

Islamabad (Web Desk) The alleged audio leak of President Dr. Arif Alvi and Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Dr. Yasmin Rashid has come out, in which they were heard discussing the situation in Zaman Park.

In the leaked audio, Yasmeen Rashid can allegedly be heard saying, “The situation on the ground is very bad, people, our workers have started throwing petrol bombs. Before there is any bloodshed, I think you should talk to someone.” Who should interfere in this matter”.

The President allegedly says that I have spoken. The female leader says that you should tell them that I will talk to Khan Sahib and try to solve the problem, someone will die, the situation will get so bad that the election will be postponed. I think that would be better, the rest is up to you, they didn’t stop, the Rangers are still here, the petrol bombs are going off and their water cannon was just on fire, calling people and this, I am. I’m out of this whole situation.”

Dr. Arif Alvi reportedly says, “Talk to Asad Umar, see what he says”.

The female leader says I have spoken to Asad but he says talk to Shah Sahib, he is with Khan Sahib, I think you should talk to Shah Sahib too, which is agreed by the other side. .

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