A declaration of negotiations between Pakistan and the IMF was issued

Negotiations between Pakistan and IMF, declaration issued

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) The announcement of the talks between Pakistan and the IMF delegation has come out.

According to the details, in the statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, it is said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar gave a briefing on the economic situation, he also informed about the economic reforms, Ishaq Dar said that in the past the IMF program was successfully implemented. completed, will also complete the current debt program, are committed to economic reforms, will provide all possible cooperation to complete the agreement, have formed a high-level committee to eliminate the revolving debt of the gas sector, reforms are being introduced in the energy sector. It has been said in the announcement that the determination to work together for the completion of the ninth economic review has been expressed.

The mission chief of the IMF said that it is hoped that Pakistan will meet the conditions for the completion of the 9th review, it is expected that Pakistan will continue to make progress for reforms in various sectors, it is hoped that the program will be completed effectively within the stipulated time. Will work together with Pakistan for economic reforms.

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