If Bushra Bibi did not repent for marriage during Idda, she should renew her faith, Nikah Khan Mufti Saeed’s statement

“If Bushra Bibi did not repent of her marriage during the Idda, she should renew her faith. . . .

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Mufti Saeed, who taught the third nikah of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, has said that if Bushra Bibi did not repent for the marriage during the Eid, she should renew her faith.

Speaking in the Express News program Kal Tak, PTI Core Committee member Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan said that Aun Chaudhry had contacted me earlier for the marriage and when he left for Lahore, Zulfi Bukhari was also in Imran Khan’s car. were present The first marriage ceremony took place in a big and magnificent house in Lahore, in which Bushra Bibi’s own children were also present. Diya, I also directly asked Bushra Bibi whether she has been divorced, Idda has also been performed and whether she is doing this marriage freely and I also talked to her about the dowry. Everything is cleared.

They said that if Imran Khan knew about Idda and still got married, then he committed a grave sin and Bushra Bibi definitely knew the real situation because even if a woman is ignorant, she must know about her Idda. It happens, that’s why it was misrepresented by them. If they have repented, then we don’t need to say anything. Otherwise, Bushra Bibi should have renewed faith. In response to a question, Mufti Saeed said that I came to know through Aoun Chaudhry that Imran Khan’s marriage with Bushra Bibi took place during Eid, on which I told him that the marriage will take place again. Mufti Saeed, in response to a question, added that he had never seen Farah Gogi or heard his name. Imran Khan’s marriage witnesses were Zulfi Bukhari and Aun Chaudhry.

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