Due to power breakdown, mobile phone service is also affected, and the customers have difficulties in communication

Mobile phone service is also affected due to power breakdown, customers have difficulties in communication

KARACHI (Daily Pakistan Online) Mobile phone service has also been affected due to the breakdown of electricity across the country and users are facing serious mental breakdown due to difficulties in communication. In this regard, PTA has issued instructions that all cellular companies should ensure the provision of services by running generators.

According to Express News, due to power breakdown, telecom companies are facing difficulty in delivering service to customers. There have been several complaints of network failure in various areas.

Cellular companies have taken the stand that mobile network installations are being run on backup power, but the network cannot be run on backup power for long periods of time. Additionally, the generators are also facing difficulties in supplying fuel to continue the network service. Due to power outages, consumers are also facing difficulties in transferring funds through digital means.

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