President Zia-ul-Haq and all his comrades in hell

President Zia-ul-Haq and the “Hell of All”

Author: Dr. Saima Ali

Episode: 118

Another poet mentioned in this speech was Iftikhar Arif who was living in London at that time. Iftikhar Arif was also a close friend of Siddique Salik. About this speech:

It is difficult to say with certainty that this speech was written by Siddique Salik while I was out of the country. Later, when I came home and became the chairman of the Academy of Literature, I did a lot of research to find out who wrote this speech, but the Academy did not find any evidence that this speech was written by Salik. This speech does not seem to be written by a speech writer. The intervention of a poet was necessary in this, then as a friend, my heart does not believe that this speech could have been written by Siddique Salik.

From this discussion, it is inferred that if some people were hurt by a speech, it is clear from the statement of Iftikhar Arif that this speech was not written by Salik.

Salik has mentioned in his book “Silhouette” that President Zia-ul-Haq had read his book “Hummayaran Inferan” and before he became the head of the bad forces, he had told Salik that he would appoint him as his speech writer. The love of Islam and Pakistan is the prominent feature of Salik’s writing, which has come out very beautifully in “Hummayaran Inferan”. Probably because of these qualities, the President chose Salik for speech writing. In the President’s speeches, Salik very well played the sentiments of love for God and love for the Messenger, for example:

“Whenever I stand for Zikr Rasool, I feel acutely aware of my mistakes, sins and shortcomings, and this Persian verse often comes to my mind:

A thousand times Bishvim Mind Zamashk-e-Gulab

It is very impolite to say the name

At the same time, I also feel that if there is any way to get rid of disobedience and to avoid sins, it is in remembering the Messenger and following his instructions, because the remembrance of the Messenger is the remembrance of Allah, and obedience to the Messenger is obedience to Allah. is equivalent to.

Along with the beautiful and subtle expressions of Ishq Rasool, the President’s speeches have also expressed his love for Islam and Pakistan, for example:

“Before this, I have given 3 speeches in front of the Ahlul-Kalam from the same platform. The focus of these speeches has been commitment to the ideology of Islam, love for the land of Pakistan and the role of the Ahlul-Kalam in the society. My speech today was also kneaded in the same intellectual ferment. It is because I do not want to get out of this axis and I cannot get out of the platform. In any Homeric speech, the introduction of Islam and the ideology of Islam is a must.

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