Israeli envoy to Canada Hoffman quits in protest to far-right govt

In protest of Israel’s new far-right government and its policies, the country’s Ambassador to Canada Ronen Hoffman resigned on Sunday, according to The Jerusalem Post.

He is the second ambassador to do so and followed in the footsteps of Israel’s ambassador to France Yael German, who resigned from her post last December.

Both ambassadors are members of the Israeli opposition Yesh Atid party, led by Yair Lapid.

They were political appointees by Lapid, who served as both the foreign minister and the prime minister in the previous Israeli government.

In a tweet, Hoffman wrote: “I am honored to have been appointed by previous prime minister (Yair Lapid) to represent and serve the State of Israel as Ambassador to Canada over a year ago.

“With the transition to the new government and to different policy in Israel, my personal and professional integrity has compelled me to request to shorten my post and return to Israel this summer.”

“I will continue serving the State of Israel here in Canada with the same passion and pleasure until a replacement is appointed later this year.

“I look forward to (continuing to work) with all my colleagues and friends until then,” he added.

German, however, was more explicit and issued a scathing criticism of the Benjamin Netanyahu-led new government.

She said to have been proud to serve Israel under the last government to represent a country based on democratic values that the rule of law.

The new government, in comparison, involved parties and platforms that violate principles enshrined in the country’s basic laws and declaration of independence, she added.

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