The accused was arrested after the husband cut his wife’s shirt into pieces and threw it in the garbage

The husband cut his wife’s clothes into pieces and threw them in the garbage, the accused was arrested

New Delhi (Web Desk) In the city of Ghaziabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a husband revealed that his wife had a relationship with a non-man and he killed his wife’s friend Akshay, dismembered his body and destroyed all the evidence. However, it was not known that the husband found out about the wife’s relationship with another person.

According to the Indian media, while explaining the details of the incident, the police said that Akshay came to the house in the absence of the husband and tea was made by his wife, which fell on the girl and burnt her foot. He took the daughter to the hospital to be bandaged and where he planned to call his wife and ask her to call Akshay to do the work at home.

According to the Indian media, when Akshay reached home, his heartbroken husband killed him first by cutting his throat and then dismembered his body and put it in a sack and threw it in the garbage. was seen which was reported to the police, the police took action and arrested the accused and the investigation of the incident is going on.

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