Mansoor Ali Khan brought forward the hidden reason behind Pir Hasnat leaving PML-N and joining Tehreek-e-Insaf

The hidden reason behind Pir Hasnat leaving PML-N and joining Tehreek-e-Insaaf Mansoor…

LAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) Senior journalist and anchor Mansoor Ali Khan has revealed in his YouTube vlog about the hidden reason behind Pir Amin Al Hasanat leaving PML-N to join PTI and said that long ago he joined KP had joined TI, just the regular announcement has been made now.

According to the details, according to the senior journalist, former leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Pir Hasnat, was a part of Nawaz Sharif’s cabinet when he won in 2013, he has been the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, and when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi took over the government in 2017, he was Time was also a part of the cabinet.

Mansoor Ali Khan said that I found the most delicious news that Pir Hasnat was going on that he has joined PTI along with the murids, according to the senior journalist he spoke to a person on the phone. He said one thing in a very mischievous manner that “Yes, the party with Pir and Murid is only PTI, so Pir Hasnat will have more respect in PTI”.

Artist Ali Khan, while talking about the actual situation, said that Pir Hasnat was not given ticket by Muslim League (N) in 2018, after which Pir Sahib became inactive and long ago Pir Hasnat was with Imran Khan. Posters etc. had started to be put up in the area.

Therefore, it was already known to a large extent that he would join PTI, Mansoor Ali Khan gave another news that according to my information, this is also the main reason for Pir Hasnat’s departure from PML-N. That Muslim League (N) has a very strong candidate against him in Sargodha, so he had a place there, so he knew that there is no place for him in Muslim League (N).

Therefore, those who are saying that the wicket of the National League fell, let me tell them that the wicket did not fall, but that it had gone there a long time ago. The senior journalist has revealed another thing that when all the TV screens But if the news goes together, it means that it has been fed, so this news seemed to be fed.

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