Pakistan needs tough decisions for political and economic stability: SKA

Former prime minister and PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Sunday said the solution to all probelms lied in the Constitution of Pakistan as there was no miracle-based solution to such problems.

“Political stability in the country is now inevitable and difficult decisions will have to be made to stabilize the country. It s time to shun politics of hatred, accusations and backbiting,” he said while speaking at a press conference in Quetta.

PML-N leaders Miftah Ismail and Baloch leader Lashkar Raisani were also present. 

Abbasi said the economic crisis had reached its extreme, and the problems of the people had been left aside.

“The time has come to give the people of Pakistan their due rights,  he said adding the solution to all problems was in the constitution. “If the constitution is not accepted, the problems will not be solved.”

The PML-N stalwart further said the country s problems must be discussed at a non-partisan forum. The main reason for the problems of Balochistan are unrepresented people.

“We [PML-N] don t claim to solve all the problems. Are the people sitting in the parliament solving the problems of Balochistan? They all need to sweep before theor own door as no one is free from the accusation.”

He said the forum was being held in Quetta to discuss and address all such problems.

Speaking on the occasion, PML-N leader and former finance minister Miftah Ismail said Pakistan had been facing increase in debt for the last 20 years or so and that ongoing political instability and culture of abuse couldn t give the people of Pakistan of their due rights.

He said the country s economic situation had been worsened up to the extent that the national debt had touched Rs51,000 billion, adding money was being spent on debt repayment instead of providing basic facilities to the nation. “Inflation and unemployment are increasing due to mounting debt.”

Ismail said the country had to pay $21 billion dollars under debts and loans, adding no government could present the solution to come of circular debt [in energey setcor].  

He welcomed negotiations between the government of Pakistan and the IMF.

Baloch leader Lashkari Raisani said the country s crisis had reached its peak and that an atmosphere must be created to discuss Balochistan.

He underlined the need to initiate a dialogue to discuss the burning issues of Balochistan. Raisani said the people of Gawdar were protesting for their rights. 

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