The 5 best drawing tablets of 2023

Tech specs: Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.36″ x 5.51″ x .31″ | Active area: 4.8″ x 3″ | Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.12 or later / Windows 7 or later / Android 6.0 or later / Linux | Pressure levels: 4,096

Though this device sees a lower price than the one labeled “the best drawing tablet for the price,” this Huion Inspiroy H430P Is the best one for beginners to the technology art world. With its small size and impressive pen that is included with the tablet, new users can enjoy high-quality work at a fraction of the price of the high-end equipment.

Even with its small stature, this unit included four express keys at the top of the active area so you can gain easy access to the tools you use most often. Additionally, this drawing tablet features the PW201 pen, which has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. But, the pen makes up for pressure sensitivity where it lacks tilt functions.

With a low price of $35 when not on sale, if you are trying to ease your way into electronic drawing, this could be just what you need.

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