The 5 best Samsung TVs of 2023

Screen size: 65-85 Inches | Resolution: 8K | HDR: Quantum HDR 48X, HDR10+ | Refresh rate: Up to 144Hz | Panel type: Neo QLED 

Since native 8K resolution hasn’t hit streaming services (yet), broadcast TV, or even video games just yet, the best way to get the most out of Samsung’s signature 8K QN800B TV is to take advantage of the updated processor’s upscaling capabilities. The chip uses 20 neural networks to analyze shows and movies scene-by-scene and provide the cleanest, clearest picture possible. It also has a max refresh rate of 144Hz, putting it on par with high-end gaming PC monitors; and in my review of this panel, I found that 144Hz refresh rate really made my all-time 2023 favorite show, House of the Dragon, truly shine during action sequences.

The QN900B uses Samsung’s Neo QLED technology to produce up to 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color spectrum; and with the companion calibration app, you can get professional-quality fine-tuning so you get the most consistent color volume possible. Integrated speakers work with Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Pro feature as well as Dolby Atmos for virtual surround sound.

If you worry about keeping your home theater or living room organized, you can use a single cord to connect all of your playback devices and game consoles via Samsung’s OneConnect; this is a small device that is similar to an HDMI switch, allowing you to plug in all of your playback devices into a single unit that tucks out of the way for a cleaner-looking entertainment center. With the multi-view feature, you can watch up to 4 separate video sources at once, which is great for sports fans trying to keep up with tournaments or gamers who want to follow a walkthrough video for a tricky boss or puzzle section.

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