Save 59% on the Razer Kraken V3 wired gaming headset


When I’m playing major games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Far Cry: Primal, or even just fireballing skeletons in Diablo II: Resurrected, having the audio to handle my gaming is life and death. If you’ve been waiting around for a great deal, check out the Razer Kraken V3 wired headset. Best of all, it’s a massive 59% off, and you can nab this for only $41.

The Razer Kraken V3 is a wired gaming headset that comes with a heavy set of perks to give you the upper edge during your gaming. The headset offers THX 7.1 surround sound spatial audio so you can enjoy true-to-life acoustics. Under the hood is a three-part driver system that creates crystal clear highs, mids, and lows to deliver the sound, too. This hardware coupled with the software also optimizes the sound, putting you right at the center of your gaming.

Because it’s powered by the Razer Chroma RGB, the headset comes fashioned to display over 16.8 million colors and a host of lighting patterns that can work across 150 of the hottest games. The design also uses a hybrid fabric and leatherette memory foam cushion for optimal comfort that will keep you going for hours. And, if you run into the issue of having a cat that loves to chew the microphone, it’s also detachable.

We’re assuming that this is a flash sale because this is the lowest price we’ve seen on this headset ever. Add it to your cart today to get this amazing deal for only $41.

This isn’t the first time a gaming headset has dropped to a new low this week, and if you’re looking for other options, you can also get the Logitech Pro X gaming headset for a similar price this week.

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