The 5 best meal kit delivery services of 2023

Features: 8 meal preference options to choose from | 2 or 4 servings | 2-5 meals per week

Sunbasket prides itself in offering all USDA organic ingredients, so you know you’re getting the freshest and cleanest produce to your doorstep every week. In addition, you can expect sustainably raised seafood and meat raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Like most other options on this list, Sunbasket has recipes that cater to different dietary restrictions, including soy-free, no added sugar, dairy-free, and diabetes-friendly. You can also filter recipes by the time it takes to cook a meal and by total calories.

Each week, you can choose from various meals, including breakfast, lunch, and snack options like granola, grab-n-go bars, and nuts. Sunbasket also offers fresh and ready meals that you can pop in an oven or microwave if you don’t feel like cooking from scratch but still want healthy options during the week.

While Sunbasket is a great option for some, families may find its meal choices less family-friendly than other meal kit services, especially if you have picky eaters. Also, it is more on the expensive side for meal kit pricing at $11.49 per serving.

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