May 2023 be the year of freedom from terrorism and inflation: Prime Minister Pakistan

May 2023 be the year of freedom from terrorism and inflation, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online) Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, while greeting the nation on New Year, has prayed that in the year 2023, Pakistan will be led towards the destination of economic and political stability and social improvement.

In his message at the beginning of the New Year, the Prime Minister said that May Allah Ta’ala make the year 2023 a cause of welfare, peace and happiness for humanity, and he will try hard to bring light to the lives of the 33 million flood victims.

The Prime Minister said that the year 2022 has proved to be a bitter year for Pakistan, the disasters of floods have increased the problems and sufferings of the people, we pray that the new year will be a year of freedom from terrorism, inflation, the lives and livelihood of the people. Be protected.

The Prime Minister further said that in the new year the world is facing all-round challenges including climate change, the new year should be used to build a sustainable foundation for a better future for the coming generations.

The Prime Minister said that he vowed to work day and night to reduce the bitterness of people’s lives and improve the situation, to make the new year a year of opportunities for our youth.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that he prays that the new year will be the year of freedom for Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine. May Allah raise the ranks of the martyrs and give patience to the families.

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