North Korea fires ballistic missile towards eastern waters: South


No immediate details about the type of weapon and how far it flew released by South Korea’s military.

North Korea has fired an unspecified ballistic missile towards the sea off its east coast, according to South Korea’s military.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff did not give further details like what type of weapon North Korea had fired on Friday and how far it had flown.

There was no immediate statement by North Korea on the reported launch. Japan’s coastguard also said North Korea had fired what could be a ballistic missile.

North Korea in recent months has test-fired a barrage of ballistic missiles, including the launch of its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile last month.

The latest launch came three days after the United States flew nuclear-capable bombers and advanced stealth jets near the Korean Peninsula for joint training with South Korean fighter jets.

North Korea typically views such military exercises as a rehearsal for an invasion.

The US and South Korea have warned for months that North Korea is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test.

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