Ronaldo’s girlfriend is also upset about not being played in the pre-quarter finals

While his fans are angry for not giving the captain of Portugal a match in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, the girlfriend of the footballer is also angry.

The captain of the Portugal team, the world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, was not included by the coach of the team in the quarter-final match against Switzerland of the Football World Cup being played in Qatar and he had to sit out and watch the match. While the star player’s fans are angry, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is also furious.

Georgina Rodriguez has reacted angrily to the coach’s decision to leave Ronaldo out of the team on her Instagram post.

Georgina wrote that all eyes were on you when the 11 players sang the national anthem, but what a shame people couldn’t enjoy the best player in the world for 90 minutes.

He wrote that the fans kept chanting and shouting his name.


The manager of the Portuguese team, Fernando Santos, while dropping Ronaldo, said that we are fed up with what happened to Ronaldo’s Manchester United club, which is having a negative effect on the team. It was a difficult decision to sit Ronaldo in an important match but the team comes first.

He said a “very difficult” game against Morocco in the quarter-finals could be expected but the team was in good form.

Sandoz further said that what will be Ronaldo’s role in the upcoming matches of the World Cup, will he play or not? They will decide that.


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It should be noted that in the important match of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Portugal team, which entered the field without captain Ronaldo, has made a place in the quarter-finals by defeating Switzerland by 6 goals to one.

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