Interesting thoughts of General Bajwa about Sheikh Rasheed

Interesting thoughts of General Bajwa about Sheikh Rasheed

Rawalpindi (Daily Pakistan Online) Senior journalist Mansoor Ali Khan has said that sources told me about General Bajwa’s stance on Sheikh Rashid that he was never close to the establishment during my time, and he used a word specifically for Sheikh Rashid. It was called “Absolutely Useless Guy”.

Senior journalist Mansoor Ali Khan has claimed in his Vlog that when I questioned Sheikh Rasheed that he is presenting himself as the spokesperson of the establishment, sources told me General Bajwa’s position that in January 2022 Sheikh Rasheed came to General Bajwa and said, “Aise se govt nahi chalni general sahib kuch karo” (Ide Kolon nahi chalni, General sahib kuch karo). They say that my politics is because of Imran Khan and I will not leave his side.

Mansoor Ali Khan said that after that I came to know that Sheikh Rashid does not have any weed in the army, his image is wrong that I have many relations, General Bajwa said during my four years, as long as his The government in which he was the army chief, I have not seen Sheikh Rasheed so close to the establishment, it is different before, nothing like this happened during my time.

According to the senior journalist, the one word that was used for Sheikh Rashid was “Absolutely Useless Guy”. So there was also an incident at that time, another word was also used but I will not share it. There is an anchor person, I came to know about him that when General Bajwa was the army chief, that anchor used to pick up the phone on the first bell, he is a great anchor person of Pakistan, since General Bajwa left the command. After he was called once, he did not pick up the phone and when a message was sent, he did not even reply to the message. His name has ‘Khan’ at the end, he is not Imran Riaz Khan, the anchor person.

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