Sheikh Rasheed claimed that the early elections will be decided before January 30

Decision on early elections will be made before January 30, claims Sheikh Rashid

Rawalpindi (Daily Pakistan Online) Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed says that the early elections in the country will be decided before January 30.

According to details, while issuing a message on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that “the nation and the parliament are standing behind Imran Khan, who will betray Imran Khan and bury his politics, sooner or later whenever the election is held.” M’s political death has been written on the wall, Sheikh Rasheed, former interior minister and Imran Khan’s ally, further said that “Asif Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif are dead cartridges, Asif Zardari should worry about Sindh”.

Sheikh Rasheed said in another tweet that “The war of political nerves has intensified. Imran Khan will win this war. Both the Pakistani economy and the government are sinking. Immigrants are withdrawing money from Pakistani banks and Pakistanis are sending it to foreign banks. Russia has refused to give oil, Google.” has suspended careers, inflation has doubled, and the exchange rate has decreased.

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