Diego Maradona Jr. compares his father to Messi: Nobody will ever reach my father

For Diego Maradona Jr. there is no comparison and there has never been a player like his father, nor will there ever be, not even Lionel Messi.

The comparison is one that has been made frequently, particularly in their home country of Argentina.

“I have a huge appreciation for him [referring to Messi], I think he is the best of his time, not the best ever,” he told Radio del Plata.

“I think that nobody will ever reach my father.”

That doesn’t mean that he isn’t a fan of Messi, and he spoke positively of his achievements.

“I was very happy when he managed to win the Copa America with the national team, so many people shut their mouths,” he continued.

“We are difficult, because we had Messi and for a lot of years we didn’t know how to enjoy him.

“My old man is above everyone else. Messi is the best in the history of humans, my old man wasn’t human playing football.”

Diego Jr. was born in Naples in 1986 from a romantic affair between Maradona, who was a Napoli player at the time, and Cristiana Sinagra.

El Pelusa did not want to acknowledge Diego’s paternity, so the child initially took his mother’s surname.

In 1993 a court confirmed paternity, although the first meeting between the two had to wait until 2003.

It took Maradona a few more years to acknowledge his son, which eventually happened in 2007 when he accepted he was the father of Diego Jr.

Diego Jr. also referred to this situation in the interview on Radio Del Plata.

“Diego asked for my forgiveness many times, but I got angry with him and I told him ‘Stop asking for my forgiveness’,” he revealed.

“If I looked for my old man all my life I knew I had to forgive him. If not, it was useless. I wanted to be with him.

“From the first moment we said ‘The past is the past, we can’t do anything about it. Let’s live in the present and try to have a very good relationship in the future’.”

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