Imran’s latest tweets seek justice for Swati

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday said that he asks the honorable judges about where justice was served in the case of Azam Swati.

To raise the voice for senator Azam, the PTI chief posted a series of tweets, saying “Senator Swati was stripped naked, tortured, humiliated through an illegal video sent to his wife. For weeks he has sought justice from SC to no avail. So when he reacts in justifiable anger & frustration, he is put in jail & at last count 15 FIRs registered against him across Pakistan.”

“Again, I ask our Honorable judges where is the justice in all this? Is the Article 14 Constitutional provision only to be applied selectively for the high & mighty State functionaries?”, added Imran.

The PTI chief stated,“Article 14 of our Constitution refers to ‘Inviolability of dignity of man’; so my question to our Honourable SC Judges is whether this provision is only applicable to the powerful of the State & for everyone else there is no protection of their basic human dignity?”

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