Court extends Imran Khan’s bail in Section 144 violation case

An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad extended the interim bail of former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan till Dec 9 in a case pertaining to protests and interference in the state affairs.

Imran’s lawyer Babar Awan submitted the medical report of his client to the court.

The case was heard by ATC Judge Jawad Abbas Hassan on Monday.

Mr Awan requested the court to exempt injured Imran from appearing before the court today as he was currently in Lahore. On this, the judge remarked if the PTI chief could attend a rally in Rawalpindi, why he couldn’t come to appear before the court.

After this, the court extended the interim bail of Imran till Dec 9 and adjourned the hearing of the case.

Police get dressing down by IHC in Gandapur case

Separately, the Islamabad High Court expressed its ire over the federal capital police for not presenting any proof against PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur.

The high court on Monday heard a petition filed by Gandapur seeking quashing of more than 15 cases against him.

At the outset of the hearing, Justice Tariq Mehmood Jehangiri inquired about the cases and allegations against Gandapur. He ordered the state prosecutor to present proofs.

On this, the state prosecutor told the court that there were different cases against the accused including July 25 long march case. He said that a challan was submitted against Gandapur to the court.

Justice Jehangiri told the lawyer to read out cases one by one. He asked him to read out the FIR registered in the Bhara Kahu police station.

The judge said that it was written in the FIR that incidents of arson were committed at the behest of Gandapur. He asked the prosecutor to present proofs in support of these allegations.

But the police failed to provide any proofs.

An official of the Aabpara police told the court that they had got a USB as a proof. On which, the judge got infuriated and gave a dressing down to him saying that the USB could not be regarded as a proof, rather it’s just a transcript.

The police official requested the court to give them more time to bring proofs.

But the irate judge refused to give police more time warning them that he would order an action against them, if they failed to provide proofs today.

The judge remarked that he had no sympathy with the petitioner, but the police should not register a false case against any person.

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