Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Turi’s visit to Pak-Afghan border decision to restore traffic and trade

Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Turi’s visit to Pak-Afghan border, traffic and trade will be restored…

Kurram (Daily Pakistan Online) Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sajid Hussain Turi visited Pak-Afghan border of Kharlachi and Borki area of ​​Kurram district on Sunday, where the border officials briefed him on the border situation. And officials and officials from both sides decided to open the border for traffic.

Along with the federal minister, tribal elders, members of Anjuman Hussaini and Tehreek Hussaini, civil administration, law enforcement agencies and border officials were also present. At the border, Sajid Hussain held a jirga with tribal elders across the border and both sides agreed to open the border for all trade and traffic, declaring it open immediately.

Before visiting the Pak-Afghan border, Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Tori held a detailed jirga with the elders of Tori, Bangash and other tribes of Kuram, members of Anjuman Hussaini and Tehreek Hussaini at the deputy commissioner office of Karam district. People were urged to resolve all differences including land disputes through mutual Jirga and diplomatic means.

Addressing the Jirga, Sajid Hussain Tori said that people on both sides of the border have suffered irreparable losses due to war and terrorism and now it is time for both sides to play their role in establishing peace and order. He appreciated the tireless efforts of the leaders of bilateral Jirga, tribal elders, security agencies and Karam Civil Administration, including the members of Anjuman Hussainiya and Tehreek Hussaini, which led to a ceasefire and opened the way for negotiations.

Talking to the Afghan tribal elders, Sajid Hussain Turi said that the tribes on both sides of the border are brothers and that the land disputes between the two should be resolved through a bilateral Jirga so that no such incident takes place in the future that could lead to conflict. arise and damage the brotherly and friendly relations between the two countries. He said that he regretted that the parties had to suffer loss of life and money in the recent clashes.

Sajid Tori further said that we have already held jirgas and negotiations with the Afghan government on the land dispute, which need to be taken forward. He said that the tribal chiefs of both sides should convene a jirga on the land disputes, to which it is their responsibility to provide all kinds of government and diplomatic support.

Tribal elders from both sides welcomed the visit of Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Tori to Pak-Afghan border and appreciated his efforts for peace and order. Tribal elders said that the restoration of traffic and trade on the border has created a wave of happiness among the people on both sides, which will strengthen peace and order efforts.

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