America returned Pakistan’s treasure to Pakistan

America returned Pakistan’s treasure to Pakistan

New York (Daily Pakistan Online) The United States has returned nearly 200 looted antiquities worth $3.4 million to Pakistan.

According to the American news agency “CNN”, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has returned 192 looted antiquities to Pakistan. District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg announced the return of the antiquities in a press release. Indian-origin dealer “Subhash Kapur” has a hand in selling antiquities. In the police investigation, it has also been revealed that an Indian citizen has been found guilty of smuggling millions of dollars worth of antiquities from around the world through his “Hutton Gallery”.

Earlier this month, Subhash Kapoor was sentenced by an Indian court to 10 years in prison for smuggling, the report added, adding that seven associates have also been indicted in the US, where investigators He is said to have helped move thousands of artifacts stolen from temples, ruins and archaeological sites across Asia. Antiquities, worth about $143 million, were seized.

The Hutton District Attorney’s office returned the artifacts during a repatriation ceremony at the Pakistan Consulate in New York on Thursday, the head of Homeland Security Investigations said, “regarding these artifacts for their immense cultural and spiritual value.” without being trafficked.”

According to Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali, even before these 192 antiquities, we have sent back 45 Pakistani antiquities as Pakistani property. That our efforts will pay off, the items returned on Thursday include the “Mehargarh Dolls” known to be the world’s oldest human-made figurines, looted from a Neolithic archaeological site in Pakistan.

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