Finance Minister Ishaq Darko’s letter from Minister of IT Aminul Haq to block Google application

Blocking of Google application, IT Minister Aminul Haque’s letter to Finance Minister Ishaq Darko

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Minister IT and Telecom Aminul Haque has written a letter to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on the issue of blocking Google application.

According to private TV channel Hum News, IT Minister Aminul Haque said in a letter that a few days ago, a letter was written to the IT Ministry on behalf of all telecom operators. was expressed.

The federal minister said that he decided to write a letter after consulting all the stakeholders on the seriousness of the matter, the telecom industry is already suffering from problems, such decisions can make things worse, paid Google application services are suspended in Pakistan due to the suspension of payments. will be

Aminul Haq said that the services of free Google applications will remain intact, the process of stopping payment to international organizations may affect the reputation of Pakistan, he said that people and citizens using paid applications may face difficulties. The Finance Minister should direct the State Bank to continue the payment.

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