The 0.48 percent increase pushed the weekly inflation rate back above 30 percent in Pakistan

The rapid pace of inflation could not be stopped, with a 0.48 percent increase, pushing the weekly inflation rate back above 30 percent. According to the details, the Bureau of Statistics has released the weekly inflation data. There was an increase in the prices of 19 daily items and a decrease in 9 items while the prices of 23 items remained stable.

Inflation has increased by 0.48 percent in a week while the overall rate of inflation has reached 30.16 percent. According to the weekly inflation data released by the Bureau of Statistics, the prices of 19 items increased and the prices of 9 items decreased. The price of eggs per dozen has increased by 21 rupees 50 paisa, the price of live broiler chicken has increased by 11 rupees 60 paisa, while the price of onion has increased by 4 rupees 48 paisa per kg. The price of sugar per kg increased by 1 rupee 20 paise.

According to the report, potatoes, fresh milk, rice, garlic, beef are among the items that become expensive in a week.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, tomatoes, flour, ghee, LPG household cylinders are among the items that have become cheaper in a week, prices of 23 items have been stable in a week.

On the other hand, State Bank Governor Jameel Ahmed said in his statement that today in the monetary policy committee meeting, it was decided to increase the policy rate by 100 basis points to 16 percent.

The objective of this decision was to ensure that high inflation does not become permanent and risks to financial stability are contained, to pave the way for higher growth on a more sustainable basis. Inflation plays a key role in high food and Qozi inflation.

The decision is aimed at controlling the rising inflation as the floods damaged the crops which increased the prices of food items. The decision was taken to control the risks to financial stability.

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