Zinchenko: Today it's Ukraine, tomorrow it might be your country

Ukraine and Manchester City full-back Oleksandr Zinchenko was unable to fight back his emotions as he spoke ahead of his country’s World Cup qualification play-off against Scotland.

The game was initially set for earlier this year but was pushed back due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Zinchenko, like many of his teammates have been, was quick to turn attention to matters beyond football when he faced the media.

“We have to stop this,” Zinchenko said. “Today it’s Ukraine, tomorrow it could be your country.

“It is impossible to describe what is happening. It’s unacceptable, that’s why we have to stop it.

“We have to win. Ukraine is a country of freedom. Everyone wants the war to stop, all Ukrainians. That is our only dream.”

Continuing, Zinchenko explained that he feels “more useful from Manchester”, from where he is able to send money home to Ukraine in an attempt to help where he can.

Turning his attention to football, Zinchenko revealed just how motivated he and his fellow countrymen are.

“We’ll try to qualify [for the World Cup], Zinchenko said. “We’ll try to make our people happy.

“Our motivation is more than 100 percent.”

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