Al-Khidmat Foundation started supporting the construction of 4,000 houses in the flood-affected areas under the “Kirb-e-Watan” program

Al-Khidmat Foundation has provided 4,000 in the flood-affected areas under the construction program.

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Al-Khidmat Foundation has started supporting the construction of 4,000 houses in flood-affected areas at a cost of 60 crore rupees. In this regard, checks of funds were distributed to 100 more homeless flood victims in Taunsa Tehsil of Dera Ghazi Khan District of South Punjab to support the construction and repair of houses. Al-Khidmat has initially planned to assist in the construction of 4,000 houses in flood-affected areas. One and a half lakh rupees will be supported for one house and in the first phase, in South Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, where the water has receded, the homeless flood victims will be provided construction materials (GI sheets, Iron T-Garder, Money is being provided for the purchase of blocks, bricks etc). This amount will be paid to the flood victims in 3 installments in phases. Funds have been deposited in the victims’ bank accounts for reporting, monitoring and auditing of home support work and bank accounts of victims who did not have bank accounts were also arranged to ensure that It should be made that the money given for the construction of the house is used for this purpose only.

Surveys were conducted in the affected areas to assist in the construction of houses, with priority being given to widows, disabled persons, laborers and small landowners. So far, the work of assisting in the construction and repair of 120 houses has been completed in South Punjab.

Bakhtu Mai, a widow from Nadi South, who participated in the event, said that she has four children whom she is supporting with great difficulty. Their life became more difficult after the house collapsed due to rains and mudslides. Al Khidmat team had helped us earlier by giving us ration and tent and now they are also giving us money to build a house for which I and my children are very happy.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Vice President Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Mangat distributed checks to the flood victims and said that a roof is the basic need of every human being. Along with providing tents, tarpaulins and plastic sheets to the victims, after identifying the safe places, they set up the tents and now after the rescue and relief activities, the support in the construction of houses is also an important part of the construction of the homeland project. .

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