Services of Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad in Pakistan Army

Services of Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad in Pakistan Army

Rawalpindi (Daily Pakistan Online) Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad nominated for the post of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee belongs to Chakwal district of Punjab. He has been commanding the Rawalpindi Corps as a three-star general in the Army since 2021.

Sahir Shamshad was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in June 2019 while he has also performed the duties of Adjutant General and Chief of General Staff. He belongs to all eight battalions of the Sindh Regiment and is a graduate of Pakistan Military Academy 76. Long has been a part of the course. He has also served as Director General Military Intelligence while he has also commanded an infantry division during the ‘War on Terror’.

According to a former army officer, Sahir Shamshad emerged as Director General of Military Intelligence and this was the era of former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif.

Meanwhile, Sahir Shamshad was also part of Raheel Sharif’s team at GHQ and also supervised various military operations. Sahir Shamshad was among those who initiated and continued the dialogue between Pakistan, China, the United States and Afghanistan, an officer working with him said. has played a very important role.

The military officer said that he was promoted to the post of Chief of General Staff after becoming a three-star general. “It is a very powerful post.” In which, along with decision-making, foreign affairs and national security matters are also to be seen. In October 2021, he was appointed as Corps Commander Rawalpindi. One has to be aware of the responsibility of holding the position of chief. An officer has to be tested in every kind of command and it will not be wrong to call Sahir Shamshad an all-rounder.

‘Neutral,’ ‘non-controversial’ and ‘all-rounder’ are some of the words used by their senior officers about Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza, when asked about Sahir Shamshad. Lt Gen Amjad Shoaib He said about Sahir Shamshad that ‘along with being a senior, Sahir Shamshad was tested in different positions. No private news has been heard about him so far, which proves that his professional life is important to him.’

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