An employee who helped the accused who killed a Karachi police officer and his brother Nesati arrested

Karachi, the employee and brother who helped the accused who killed the policeman…

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) The relative and employee of the accused who killed a policeman by shooting in Defense area of ​​Karachi has been arrested.

According to the private TV channel “Jeo News”, the police have arrested the brother of the accused Amir and the employee Aurangzeb. The employee Aurangzeb helped the accused after reaching his house after the incident. , put a cloth on the car and hid the car key, while the accused was in Pakistan, the employee Aurangzeb remained in touch with him.

Officials say that the brother of the accused runs a restaurant in Clifton, the accused went to Aamir’s restaurant directly after the incident, the accused Khuram Nisar and his brother met at the restaurant.

According to the authorities, Aamir stated that Khurram Nisar told him that he had a quarrel and he wanted the ticket immediately but did not help Khurram to get the ticket. Aamir says that when I went to the airport to leave my family. Khurram was present, the accused and Aamir also met at the airport.

Officials say that the call record data of Aamir and the accused Khurram have also been obtained. Both the accused Khurram and Aamir were in contact with each other. The brother of the accused Aamir is also a citizen of Sweden. Regarding his going abroad, details have also been sought from the foreign airline and the foreign bank. The parents of the accused are also not present in their house. The investigating authorities say that the police are confirming the statement of the brother of the accused. Is.

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