The Government of Pakistan and USAID launched the first end-consumer mobile app for electricity smart meters in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan and USAID have launched the first smart electricity meters in Pakistan.

Lahore (PR) Ministry of Energy, Pakistan Power Information Technology Company, Multan Electric Power Company and US government officials released the soft version of Pakistan’s first end-consumer mobile application for smart electricity meters.

This app will connect the electricity smart meter to the user through the mobile phone and will provide the electricity consumption data every 30 minutes. Further, this application will help in monitoring and controlling electricity consumption, online bill payment, and online complaint filing. Apart from this, this app will encourage users to use smart meters, which will not only promote technology in Pakistan, but also improve customer service, reduce electricity wastage, and improve operations.

Reid, Mission Director of USAID in Pakistan, on the occasion of the launch of the application. J. Eshliman mentioned the long history of cooperation between Pakistan and the United States and said that the smart meter mobile application is another milestone in the process of further improving the electricity sector in the country under the cooperation of the Government of Pakistan and USAID. keeps

The representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Pakistan Power Information Technology Company and Multan Electric Power Company praised the US cooperation for building a clean, efficient and reliable energy sector in Pakistan and laying a strong foundation for sustainable and inclusive development in the country.

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