“Don’t ask me about the appointment of the Army Chief, he is killing a lot” Shehbaz Gul’s answer to the journalist

“Don’t ask me about the appointment of the Army Chief, they kill a lot” Shahbaz Gul’s…

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Dr Shahbaz Gul refused to discuss the issue of appointing a new army chief.

During the conversation with the media, when a journalist asked a question about the summary of the new army chief, Shahbaz Gul answered in Punjabi language and said, “Let someone else answer that, they are beating a lot, they are beating a lot, by Allah.” I am eating my share.’

He also advised the journalist not to talk about this issue. He said to the journalist, ‘My brother is very handsome, his hair is also so beautiful, my aunt will also be happy when he returns home from work in the evening, don’t ask me such questions. ‘

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