Proceedings of indictment of caucus Shehbaz Gul for inciting rebellion in institutions adjourned till December 3

Proceedings of indictment of caucuses, Shehbaz Gul for inciting rebellion in institutions 3 …

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) The district and session court of Islamabad has postponed till December 3 the process of indicting Shehbaz Gul in the case related to inciting rebellion in institutions.

According to private TV channel Dunya News, a case related to inciting rebellion in institutions against Shahbaz Gul was heard in the session court. Shahbaz Gul along with his lawyer appeared in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Supra. Requesting for adjournment, prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi said that the court should set a date nearer, the judge inquired whether to set the date of November 26 for the next hearing.

The judge smilingly spoke to Shehbaz Gul that you have to come anyway on that day, Shehbaz Gul said that the roads will be closed on that day, the court postponed the proceedings of indicting Shehbaz Gul until December 3, the court ordered Shehbaz Gul. And directed the arguments on the next hearing on the requests of Imad Yusuf.

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