The accused who killed a policeman in Karachi Defense turned out to be the son of a former deputy commissioner

The accused who killed a police officer in Karachi Defense is the son of the former Deputy Commissioner…

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) A young man shot and killed a policeman in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi

Turned out to be the son of the former Deputy Commissioner, the accused is also a permanent citizen of Sweden.

According to the private TV channel “Jeo News”, DIG South Irfan Baloch said that the home of accused Khurram Nisar is near the crime scene in Defense Phase 5. Irfan Baloch said that the accused Khurram Nisar is a permanent resident of Sweden with his wife and 2 children and his other brother is living in Faisalabad with his family. has escaped in a car while the forensics of a pistol found in the house is being done. Police say that a copy of the passport has also been recovered from the house of the accused, the search is on for the car in which the accused escaped and his Friends’ houses are also being raided.

According to the police, the photos and details of the travel documents of the accused have also been provided at the airports.

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