Countries like Pakistan do not go bankrupt, someone will rescue them, but the cost will be huge

Countries like Pakistan don’t go bankrupt, someone will rescue them, but its…

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) Former Finance Minister and Senator of Tehreek-e-Insaf Shaukat Tareen says that countries like Pakistan do not go bankrupt, someone will come and rescue them, but it will cost.

According to the private TV channel “Jeo News”, while holding a press conference with Muzamil Aslam in Karachi, Shaukat Tareen said that the current government and Ishaq Dar claim to have saved the country from default, but the country needs an additional 18 billion dollars, Shaukat said. Tareen said that countries like Pakistan do not default, the claim of government leaders to bring the dollar to 200 rupees was not fulfilled.

Former finance minister Shaukat Tareen further said that it is hoped that Pakistan will not default, but the government will have to increase taxes further, which will further increase inflation. I am facing problems, new government should come to improve the economy.

The former finance minister said that the financial deficit has doubled, the loan we took in 4 years, they took it in 4 months, IMF should have agreed to spend 750 billion rupees on flood victims, from his audio. On the related question, Shaukat Tareen said that I should not be called a traitor, my audio was manipulated, I did not speak in the way that was revealed.

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