Summary of the appointment of Army Chief The appointment process will be completed in the Ministry of Defense by November 25, Khawaja Asif.

Summary of the appointment of Army Chief In the Ministry of Defence, the appointment process should be completed by November 25…

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that the procedure regarding the appointment of Army Chief has started, the summary has not been received yet, the summary will be sent from the Ministry of Defense in the next day or two.

According to private TV channel Dunya News, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif while speaking said that the summary is still in the Ministry of Defense, the process of appointing the Army Chief will be completed by November 25. He said that there will be 5 or 6 names in the summary. Dozier will also come with them.

Khawaja Asif said that there is no pressure on us regarding the appointment of the Army Chief, consultations are being held with the allies at all levels, there is no deadlock on the appointment process of the Army Chief, when the summary comes, the names will be discussed, Pak The decision will be taken by trusting the leadership of the army.

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